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  • For hotels, resorts, spas and events halls which have indoor and outdoor facilities, one fragrance for all locations
  • Stable and durable fragrances created with the outdoors in mind
  • Our fragrances may also be delivered via various scent delivery systems. Potential for reduced need for maintenance, i.e. changing/filling systems

how it feels

A pleasant scent environment is rapidly becoming a key element that retail and hospitality businesses strive to improve.  Customers expect this too. ADAR fragrances can enable you to "scentscape" your business along two core principles:

First, high-end fragrances to go with a high-end brand. Second, an affinity to nature. So if you are looking for fragrances from the worlds of food, eau de toilette and cosmetics, or simply to apply a simple aerosol to combat mosquitoes, keep looking. But if you wish to bring nature into the business with a classy perfume oil, we might have what you are looking for in ADAR.

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